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Welcome to the world Matilda Grace!

New mum, Hannah, shares her advice for a positive labour...

During early labour I started having intense contractions. My husband had the TENS machine ready to go. He put it on me and instantly I felt relief. The TENS machine was very easy to set up and put on. I would recommend having your birthing partner apply the sticky pads and to do this as soon as your contractions start to make best use of your machine.

I continued using my TENS through the rest of labour, gradually increasing the strength and using the booster as the contractions got stronger and closer together. I laboured at home for 12+ hours (it was a long one!) before heading to the hospital to give birth to Matilda. I am really pleased I was able to spend so much of the labour in the comfort of my own home with the TENS.

Throughout labour I used hypnobirthing breathing techniques to help me through. My partner also set up our diffuser and applied essential oils to my stomach and back to help me through.

I’d definitely recommend a combination of tips and tricks to get through your labour eg massage, breathing techniques, essential oils, but definitely the TENS! It really helps to distract you when the contractions hit!

I truly feel like I could not have gotten through my labour without the TENS! 

And now we have our gorgeous little Matilda Grace. She was born after 28 hours of labour as she was positioned awkwardly - but our beautiful 3.7kg girl is now safely in the world and we love her sooo much!

Thanks for the much needed help, NatalCare!

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