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Sharon shares her birth experience using TENS

I heard about TENS from my midwife who suggested I use it during labour when I am at home.

I did an online order quite close to my due date, around just one week before. I thought I might have missed out, however, I received the TENS fast, which really surprised me.

In the very early morning from 2am on Sunday 14th I started having regular contractions.

I set up the TENS, asking my husband to put on my lower back. I turned on the strong intensity when there was a contraction and back to normal when it was gone.

The TENS helped very much with the pain relief and got me to relax between the contractions. I was using it until my midwife came home to check around 7am.

I have to say, the TENS is very easy to set up and use with a very clear instruction booklet. I am happy to recommend it to mums for their labour.

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