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Please carefully read the following and if you still need immediate technical assistance please call 021 190 5564.


How to test your TENS machine:

Here's how to test your TENS machine is working correctly:

1. Firstly, check you have all components needed for testing: TENS unit, 2 purple cords, 4 sticky electrodes, 2 batteries.

2. Put the 2 batteries into the unit.

3. Plug one purple cord into the left-hand side of the unit.

4. Open up the sticky electrodes. Take one set of electrodes from the clear backing (keep the clear backing sheet on the table next to you, so when you've finished testing the unit you can reapply the sticky electrodes).

5. Stick one electrode to your upper arm (bicep). It must be stuck to your skin.

6. Stick the other electrode to your lower arm (forearm). It must be stuck to your skin.

7. Plug the white electrode cables into the purple cord which is attached to the left-hand side of the unit. One in red, one in black.

8. Turn on the TENS machine using the pink button.

9. Push the button CH1 + (on the left-hand side), until your fingers start to twitch. This should happen when you get up to around level 7 on the screen.

10. Remove the sticky electrodes and place them back on the clear sheet.

11. Take the second purple cord and put it into the right-hand side of the TENS machine.

12. Remove the second set of sticky electrodes and repeat the testing. Ensure you press the CH2 + button on the right-hand side of the TENS unit.

If you have followed the above instructions very carefully and you believe you have a fault (that is, no twitching or the unit is not switching on), please call John on 0211905564 for assistance. 

Note: The backing on the electrodes is very sticky. If you look after them carefully, they can be put on and off the skin multiple times.


Trouble-shooting Tips:

If you are testing your TENS and it is not working, please CAREFULLY read the following instructions.

  1. When testing your TENS, make sure you have the sticky electrodes stuck to your body (upper and lower arm will work). It will not work unless the electrodes are removed from the plastic sheets and stuck to your skin. You must stick at least two pads to your body (one is not enough).
  2. Check you have the battery inserted correctly (+ and -).
  3. Make sure when you swap the cable across to the other channel that you are pushing the buttons on the other side to adjust the intensity. Push the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the intensity. Ensure you are pushing the + & - buttons on the correct side.

  4. If you need immediate assistance please call 021 190 5564.

Download: Elle TENS PDF Instructions