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Here's my story of how TENS helped...

Here's my story of how the TENS helped: 


My sister recommended using a labour TENS machine - she used it with her fourth baby and said it made a huge difference. 


I felt contractions start at about 9am, and my husband helped me set up the TENS. I used it at home for about 2.5 hours before heading to the hospital as my labour progressed quite quickly. It was so easy to use and move about, and the unit is much smaller than I'd anticipated.


Also, I wanted to try a water birth, so I took off the TENS to get in the birthing pool. By then the TENS seemed to have done its job with allowing my natural endorphins to build up, and I was able to handle contractions in the water without the machine or any other pain relief. 


As labour progressed my midwife decided to transfer us from the primary maternity unit to the hospital as a precaution due to meconium in my waters. Once out of the birthing pool the TENs was easy to reattach. I used it during the 1.5 hour ambulance ride and during active labour while pushing. I was amazed at how effective it was, and I liked having something to focus on during labour - mainly anticipating a contraction and pushing a button!


I had my beautiful daughter at 6:37pm. Even with a few unexpected complications and being moved about, I'm grateful that we could use the TENS machine so easily. I honestly think I've had worse period cramps than when labouring with TENS.


Thanks NatalCareNZ for the great service you provide!

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