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July 2024

Very happy with the service from Natal Care Naturally. The tens machine arrived beautifully packaged with a generous assortment of goodies for me and baby and the hire price was very reasonable for 6 weeks.
If you are looking for some relief in labour, tens could be your best friend. I have used a tens machine for all 3 of my births and they made a significant difference to the labour experience.

- Kezia



June 2024

First time mum and I was able to deliver my baby without any strong medication. I was using the TENS machine and taking paracetamol from early labour but that was all I needed. I did not expect this at all because I was prepared to ask for strong pain relief should I need it, but in the end I got to the pushing stage and surprised myself that I got to that point without even asking for Entonox! The key is to use the TENS early on in labour so it builds with your contractions!

- Faye



May 2024

We started using the TENS early after contractions started and had it on pretty much constantly for 24hrs or so. We used it between using water for pain relief too. We only used one set of batteries but I through it was great that there were spares! The new mum treats were an unexpected extra that we loved too. Excellent service, thank you.

- Abbie L




April 2024

Just wanted to provide some positive feedback.  I had a very painful first birth so got the machine almost as a back up for my second. I’d opted to get whatever medical pain relief I needed and was induced. I basically feel like the hospital system failed me. They told me I was in early labour despite me expressing that I was definitely in a very quick active labour. The tens machine was literally my only lifeline and got me through my entire labour until I almost delivered. They only moved me to the birthing suite 10 minutes before I started pushing and had been given no other pain relief before that despite me asking for it. I honestly believe that I couldn’t have done it without the tens machine. It helped so much during contractions to the point that when they told me to have a shower to ‘calm’ the pain, I refused as there was no way I was going to take the tens machine off. I honestly think every woman having a baby needs to get this. Even if you think you’ll get medical pain relief, sometimes it doesn’t happen. The tens machine allowed me to control my own pain how and when I needed it. I was also really surprised with the nice wee extras that came in the pack. Another added bonus was the use of it for after birth pains and back pain from sitting on the couch nursing for so many hours. We are 2 and done but I will honestly be screaming from the hills to any pregnant friend that hiring this isn’t a nice little back up like I thought, it’s honestly a necessity. Thank you for being the one thing that empowered me to give birth naturally even though that wasn’t the birth plan I had in mind! 

-Lauren P



February 2024

We’d hired the TENS machine on the advice of my LMC, and am extremely glad we did. Our little girl was not in a great position at the start of labour and as a consequence I had nearly 40 hours of contractions before being ready for delivery. The gas for pain management in hospital also made me feel very nauseous and there was quite a delay in getting an epidural therefore the TENS was my primary pain management method for the majority of my labour. It was a life saver when contractions were a minute on minute off for more than 5 hours. I would absolutely recommend this product to any expecting mums out there especially as a more natural option.
Sarah Salmon


January 2024

I wanted to share my birth story with you and the help of the TENs machine :)
I went into labour at 11pm on 22nd December then had my daughter at 2am on 23rd December! A nice quick labour like my other 2 births. I used the TENs machine for a good hour I think while my labour was escalating and always had a water birth in mind which is what I did so I had to stop using the TENs machine and use gas from there. I love that you have control over the pulses and can alter it to what feels best and can totally say it helped so much during my labour. I loved my birth and can happily end on that note after 3 kids. 
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and easy return process! 
Jessica Bennett


January 2024

I loved using the TENS for my positive birth. 

This was my second baby, and after a slightly traumatic birth with my first I was hopeful this would be the healing birth I needed. 

My midwife advocated strongly for me to not have to be transferred to hospital and to birth at the local birthing unit (Alexandra). I went into labour Saturday morning, with regular contractions by mid afternoon, this was when I decided to turn on my TENS to start dealing with the early labour. I called my midwife at 8pm, and after another high blood pressure reading we consulted with the hospital about having to be transferred to Dunedin. We decided to head to the birthing unit in Alexandra instead (from Wanaka), take another reading and decide what to do once there. The TENS was invaluable on the 1 hour drive to the birthing unit,  giving me something else to concentrate on. 

Luckily my BP had gone down slightly once in Alex so my midwife made the decision to keep me there which I was very happy about. Labour intensified from there, and I would increase the intensity of the TENS as needed. 

We decided to get into the pool, so off came the TENS and I instead used the water to help me with my contractions.  

We were fortunate enough to have a lovely water birth at 3.30am on babies due date (15.1.24) with only the help of the TENS for pain relief. 

Baby Evelyn (Evie) Grace Harris, 4.32kg.

Thank you so much for the hire of the TENS machine, I recommend it to all my pregnant friends! 
Kate Harris


December 2023

I went into labour with Eleanor on Saturday the 9th of December. As soon as I decided it must be labour, around midday, I asked my husband to help me put the TENS machine on. This was my second birth and the second time I'd used a TENS. I continued to use the TENS through out the afternoon while I happily laboured at home. We arrived at  the birthing unit at 3.30pm and the pool was quickly filled as per my request for another water birth. I was still quite attached to my TENS and continued to use this with the idea of getting into the pool shortly. However Eleanor had other ideas and once my waters broke at 4.00pm, she arrived at 4.02pm without me ever having time to get into the pool! Once again, I absolutely loved the TENS machine and believe it made my labour so much easier. 
Laura - mum to Eleanor


December 2023

On November 2nd at around 6.30am my waters broke. In hindsight, it felt slightly anti-climactic as my contractions didn’t follow straight after. However, they definitely let their presence known as I’ll mention later! The day strangely felt like a normal start to the day with an air of anticipation for little bub! I got up and had a shower, got dressed, did my hair, and then had breakfast as usual. Only difference was that I was wearing maternity diapers as my waters kept leaking! I made sure to double check my hospital bag and that I had everything I needed. This included items to manage the contractions including a TENS machine, stress ball, and birth comb.

As the day progressed, I spent most of the time sitting on my yoga ball focusing on relaxing my pelvic floor and watching “Love Island” (guilty pleasure ha!). All in all, my husband and I felt strangely calm. After lunch I began to experience discomfort in my pelvic area, however, I was able to continue my day pottering around the house. At around 4pm, we decided to start a puzzle, however, I began to feel more uncomfortable sitting in one position, so we decided to go for a walk.

During the walk I began to experience a more obvious pattern to my contractions. I had to stop several times to allow them to pass before continuing to walk. At this point, I was able to talk and stay focused on my surroundings. The real pain had not really set in at this point. We headed back home and ate dinner. It is around this time I put on the TENS machine and decided to head to bed to try get some sleep before the contractions amped up. My contractions felt more painful and closer together around 7pm, so I amped up the TENS! I was also using my birth comb, squeezing it in my hand with each contraction.

At 11pm, we requested an assessment by our midwife at our local health centre. I was relying heavily on the TENS machine and birth comb to ride through the pain and stay present. During the assessment, I found out I was 2-3cm. As I wanted to access an epidural, I would have to be transferred to Wellington Hospital. However, as all the birth suites were occupied, I had to stay at our local health centre until 12.30am before transferring. While waiting, I tried to use the gas, but it made me vomit. I was disappointed the gas did not work for me, but I was thankful I had the TENS machine and birth comb to fall back on!

At midnight, we got given the green light to make our way to Wellington Hospital. The drive to the hospital felt like a blur looking back. The contractions felt long and strong during the drive there. While I kept my eyes shut during the drive, I tried to remain focused on the sensations from the TENS machine and birth comb through every contraction. When we made it to Wellington Hospital I was assessed again and found out I was then 7cm!! Things were progressing!

As I wanted an epidural, the TENS machine had to be removed. However, it was an incredibly helpful way of distracting and managing pain before transitioning into hospital. Alongside the birth comb, it gave me something to focus on to ride through contractions. It gave me a sense of control during what felt like an incredible, surreal, but at times out of control experience.

On November 3rd our little boy was born! The use of the TENS machine, in combination with the birth comb and later epidural created such a positive and empowering birth experience for me. I feel grateful to look back on my birth in awe and see what I am capable of! We are now enjoying watching our little boy grow and navigating life as first-time parents. If I were to fall pregnant in the future, I would love to include a TENS machine as part of my birthing experience again.
Phoebe - Porirua


12 December 2023

I hired the TENs machine for my partner for delivery of our boy, Hudson was born 11th December 2023.

This was our second child, but first time using a TENs machine. It was amazing. It helped my partner through the contractions when they became stronger and it helped build up her pain threshold. She would definitely use the product again. This product is highly recommended and a must in any pregnancy labour journey.

I am a dad who hired it for my partner and from what I noticed, and what it did for my partner during active labour and delivery, I stand tall and say do it, hire it!! Do it for your partner. They will thank you afterwards.
Mike - Mount Maunganui


30 November 2023
Our little one made a surprise entry to the world 2 weeks early, at 3.47kg! Things

progressed very quickly, with less than 12 hours from noticing initial contractions to birth. Our midwife couldn’t belief how calm we were on arrival to the hospital, and that we were already 8cm. I was able to have a natural birth using the tens machine, and especially found the boost function helpful through the later stages of labour.

I’m so pleased my midwife and some colleagues recommended hiring your tens machine and wouldn’t think twice about hiring one again.
Rochelle, Ben & Mila


25 October 2023
TENS machine helped me have the dream birth I've always wanted. This was my second child and I had an emergency c section with my first and a very traumatic birthing with my first so naturally I wanted my second to go as smoothly as possible. I was in early labour for a day and a half and the last half I used the TENS machine to help with the contractions and it worked beautifully. I was able to labour at home right up until I was 9cm dilated. Then headed to the hospital ready to give birth only an hour later all while using the TENS right up to when she was born. I couldn't have done my VBAC if it wasn't for the TENS. I highly recommend using one if you're really wanting to give a drug free birth a go. The sensations the machine make helped counteract every contraction I was having and helped keep my mind off the pain the entire time. The different settings and the "BOOST" button were life savers. If you're thinking of alternative option's definitely considers TENS. Thanks to natal care I got to have my dream birth, and the delivery was super fast for the machine with an added bonus of a goodie box for me and baby which was super nice. Thank you natal care! 

Zoe - Palmerston North



23 June 2023

I did not use any pain relief during my labor with my first child and had to go

through severe back pain (apart from the intense contractions). And so in my second pregnancy, I decided to hire a tens machine as I heard many good reviews about using it. The tens machine was truly a life saver during my entire second labor process (about 18 hours)! It greatly minimised the pain for me and works amazingly for me even during the transition stage when I was pushing baby out. It was such a different and better experience for this time round with the tens machine. I will definitely use it for all my subsequent pregnancies.

Jane Patrick - Wellington



7 June 2023

In 2021 I gave birth to my son via emergency caesarean section - it was a traumatic event for myself, husband and newborn baby. 

When we conceived our next baby I knew that I wanted to birth at home and swiftly the prep began to make that happen. I had researched the benefits and testimonials of the tens machine and knew that it was going to be an essential tool in my pain management kit. 

I used the tens machine 2 hours into my early labour and felt immediate relief. The distraction it provided from the early contractions was great. I continued to wear the tens right up until I felt the urge to push. The boost mode was absolutely amazing, and I really believe the tens machine got me through a fast and strong 7 hour labour. 

I couldn't recommend the tens machine enough- I will 100% be using this again in future births. 

Wiki Taylor - Hawkes Bay


15 May 2023

Just wanted to pass on my thank you for your service. Our surprise little girl

arrived safely and peacefully in the early hours of the 11th May. I absolutely attribute the peacefulness of my birth and the speed to using a tens machine.

I started using it early on when contractions were consistent and the boost setting helped with taking the edge off. I had always thought I wanted a water birth but as soon as I got in and didn't have the tens, things became hard and painful for me. As soon as I was out and hooked back up I was in a world of peace and calm. It really helped with the pushing phase of which I would say it wasn't painful at all.

Heather Blair - Papakura


15 May 2023

I was recommended the use of a Tens machine by my midwife for the labour of

my first baby. My labour plan was to use the Tens machine, gas and hot showers during labour with the idea of giving birth in the birthing pool at the end.


I went into labour at night, starting off with mild contractions in my back, but was still able to talk and walk through these. A few hours later I  put the Tens machine on as my midwife recommended to put it on nice and early. The rotation of hot showers, moving around and using the Tens machine made the early part of my back labour a lot more manageable. I loved the use of the boost button during each contraction. 


My midwife eventually arrived and checked me and I was 6cm, so we headed off to the hospitals’ birthing unit.


Once there I took the Tens machine off to try the birthing pool, however because the majority of my pain was in my back I didn’t find the water effective. Instead I found standing/swaying with the Tens machine a lot more effective for my back labour. The machine is super easy to use and the intensity of the pulses is easily changed even during a contraction. After a few hours of using the tens machine and gas for each contraction I birthed our baby daughter. 


I would highly recommend the use of a Tens Machine to anyone! The use of the Tens made me feel in control in a situation that can sometimes seem so out of one’s control.  I would definitely use this again-a must for back labour!!

Thank you again! I have recommended one to all my hāpu friends and would definitely hire again for future babies.

Kimberley Blakely - Christchurch


9 May 2023

Just wanting to share my birth story and how using your TENS machine helped me through my labour with my second baby.

With my first I wanted to have a water birth but ended up in hospital as she came 4 weeks early. I had an epidural early on at 4cm and was unable achieve a waterbirth as I was on the monitor constantly. 

During this labor I researched a lot on hypnobirthing and alternative ways to manage pain during labor.  I was determined to have the water birth I wanted.  I truly believe our bodies are so capable of birth and we're made to birth.

I planned to use the tens machine and knew there would be gas handy if I needed it.

I started going into labour late one night,  started off as mild period like cramps that I could half sleep through.  In the morning I had my bloody show and knew this was it. I was managing the contractions quite well at this stage and talking and walking through them.  I put the tens machine on a few hours after I got up, the contractions were still manageable but I remembered reading that the tens needed to be put on early to give full effect.  I loved the use of the boost button during a contraction. 

I went for a walk with the tens machine on, came home and had a bath. As soon as I got out of the bath I said to my husband put the machine back on! The difference in contractions without the tens machine was huge. After the bath my contractions started to change in intensity and I got hubby to call the midwife,  she came around and checked me and I was 6cm! With nothing but the tens.  We headed off to the birthing unit where I continued to labour with nothing but the tens. I took it off to get in the birth pool and managed to birth my daughter with no other pain relief except the tens and birth pool. I also listened to my hypnobirthing tracks the whole time. It was an amazing experience. I had no coached pushing and my body just pushed her out on its own.  I don't think I would have been able to do it without the use of the tens.

Keeley Johnson - Kaipara


4 May 2023

Just sending in my birth story using the TENS machine. This was the second

time hiring one from you. After my first birth with my daughter Stella, I knew from the get go that I wouldn't go through another labour without one. I felt so in control and able to manage my pain with Stella so it gave me lots of confidence heading into my next birth. I started having period pains at around 2.45am on the 1st of May and had my husband put the TENS machine on as soon as realized that there was a pattern to the pains. I laboured at home and started making my way to the birthing unit at 6am. Throughout this I heavily relied on the TENS machine, especially boost mode to get me through every contraction. Once we reached the birthing unit I had to take off the TENS to enter the birthing pool and 45 minutes later my daughter, Sura was here!

Chloe Soon  


1 May 2023

I cannot recommend the tens machine enough!!! I used the tens from the first

hour of labour and it helped take my mind off the contractions almost completely! By the time I called the midwife I was already 5cm dilated! The tens completely took away from the pain for the entire first stage or labour.
By the time we got to the birthing unit the transitional phase had started and the tens was essential in distracting from the pain I was already 8cm! I couldn’t have done it without the tens machine. The boost was amazing and I didn’t even end up using the full power of the machine I slowly increased the intensity as the labour went on but didn’t even get to the maximum. I ended up having a completely natural birth to a healthy baby boy! He was 8lbs 14oz!

I really think the ease of labour was part due to being able to relax with the machine on and not being focussed on the pain but being able to work through it and distract my mind using the tens! I’ve recommended it to anyone I know who is planning a natural birth as I don’t think I’d have been able to do it without the tens machine! The labour was only 8 hours from start to finish!

I am so thankful for anti natal classes for recommending tens as a form of pain relief as I had never heard of it before then! It is truly essential and I will definitely be using the tens for any future births!!!


Jemma Vickers - Wellington



13 March 2023

My first pregnancy ended with a c-section due to a failure to progress, reaching

4cm after a 26 hour labour. I knew psychologically I would need everything possible to attempt a VBAC the second time around.

Having a TENS machine available when contractions started,  meant I could manage the pain at home. Allowing me to stay at home until I was 5cm dilated. It was invaluable having another pain management option available from the comfort of my own home. I feel being able to stay at home in a familiar and relaxed environment really helped my labour progress. 

Freddie arrived within 6 hours of the onset of labour and I got the healing VBAC birth I needed. 

Helen Purves - Tauranga


TENS helped me have the birth I wanted

13 March 2023

We welcomed our baby girl, Matilda, to the world on the 26th of February and

found the TENS machine we hired from NatalCare Naturally incredibly helpful during our labour. We were induced on 24th February using the Misoprostol method. I took my first dose of Misoprostol around midday on Friday and started feeling tightenings around 10.30pm that evening. 

By around 3.30am on Saturday morning the tightenings were too painful for me to sleep through. At around 6am I asked my partner to help me put on the TENS machine and started using it on the lowest setting. I found the sensation of the TENS machine provided a soothing distraction during contractions. 

My contractions continued to build throughout the day and we moved to the

delivery suite around 10.30pm on Saturday night when I was 2.5cm dilated. I continued to use the TENS machine, up to the third or fourth setting throughout active labour, alongside gas and panadol. Because we'd needed to be induced we needed to have a monitor attached to my belly throughout active labour, which meant I was unable to move around into different positions or use the shower or birthing pool to help with pain management. I ended up needing to lie on my side on the bed so was really reliant on the TENS and gas to help me manage the pain of each contraction. At 4.31am our little girl was born happy and healthy via normal vaginal delivery. I think having the TENS machine made it possible for me to avoid other methods of pain relief and I'm really pleased that it supported me to have the birth experience I wanted to have. 

Julia Friedewald - Remuera


TENS got me through!

8 March 2023

I can't recommend the TENS enough. It truly is a life saver.

I began my induction process at 41+4 weeks 7am in the morning by taking one dose of the cervical ripener mizo and I was thrown into overdrive labor an hour later without progressing cervically for hours. I used the TENS in combination with my husband and dad using acupressure on.my hands and digging the back of my legs into an acupressure pillow (because I had to lay down). I depended on the TENS so much that even though my ideal birth would have originally been to labor in water I couldn't think of anything worst than to take my TENS off. In the last hour of my entire labor I was finally put into my birthing suite because I had dilated to 5cm and I stopped using the TENS to focus on using the gas. I absolutely hated it. I was completely out of rhythm and I wished I had just completely depended on the TENS but by that point I was being rushed to theatre to have an emergency C. Thankfully my dear baby boy, Rowi Elliott popped out just before I was given a spinal at 4mins past midnight the following day. Very healthy and super cute at 7.4 pounds.

Thanks so much for making this machine available at an affordable price to pregnant mummas.

Karleena Brown - Otago



3 February 2023


I have had my second wonderful birth with the TENS from natal care NZ. I

honestly feel the warm buzz sensation of the TENS helps me stay in a meditative state during contractions and only parted with my unit right before meeting my little boy as I entered the birthing pool. The TENS is my first recommendation to anyone. The unit itself is easy to put on and operate and you provide an excellent service!


Hannah Haimes - Lower Hutt




25 January 2023


Our beautiful Daisy was born naturally on 7th December 2022. I had decided to

use a TENS machine because it had been recommended by a few of my friends. My labour was 11 hours and the majority of my labour was at home. Once my contractions started I put on my TENS machine. It helped me to manage labour at home as my labour progressed faster than my first birth. By the time my contractions got closer together we went to Papakura birthing unit. I jumped in the birthing pool for a bit to try it but didn’t like it. As soon as I got out of the water hubby put my TENS back on and I felt much better. After two hours of being at the birthing unit my daughter arrived. The TENS machine was easy to use especially in the last part of my labour where the most intense pain was. I wish I had used it for my first birth with my son. Would highly recommend to anyone who is considering it, you won’t regret it!

Arlene Chandra - Auckland


I would highly recommend the use of a Tens Machine to anyone! The use of the Tens made me feel in control in a situation that can sometimes seem so out of one’s control.  I would definitely use this again-a must for back labour!! - Kimberley B, Christchurch, May 2023


I was able to stay at home until I was 10cm dilated. I would never be able without the TENS machine. Service was awesome too! - Danielle D, Hamilton, April 2023


Best service around!!! You are amazing...thank you so much. Will 100% tell everyone about TENS. Georgia O, Wellington, April 2023


So helpful during the early stages of labour! It was a life-changer! Helped with afterpains too. Iryna, Auckland, April 2023


Was fantastic during early labour, which for me lasted 8hrs! It allowed me to keep going a little longer before medical intervention. - Courtney W, Whangaparaoa, Mar 2023

Excellent service. Really efficient and easy to use. - Meg W, Auckland, Mar 2023

10 x better than gas that's for sure! - Holly S, Christchurch, Mar 2023

Thank you! TENS allowed me to have a drug-free labour. I felt in control of the pain (most of it at least!). - Sharon V, Auckland, Feb 2023

Absolutely loved our TENS machine! Used for the majority of our 17hr labour, right until he came out! Loved the mum pack too. - Sophie H, Orewa, Feb 2023

Going through unexpected induction with limited midwife support, the tens machine was my only support - and it was FANTASTIC - night and day. THANK YOU for this amazing service. I was so scared to use the Tens but it was instrumental to my positive birth experience. I am so glad I rented 'just in case' and had it in my birth tool box - it was all I needed to cope (plug gas) to birth my beautiful son. Aroha xx - Kaydi, Peter and Baby Cole, Nov 2022

I was in slow progressing labour at home for 2 days, TENS was my only pain relief for this time and was so helpful when managing contractions. - Jade F, Nov 2022

TENS enabled me to stay at home until I was 5cm dilated and I gave birth naturally at the hospital. Everything I could have wished for. - Rachelle W, Oct 2022

The only pain relief I used. Amazing service - thank you! Will definitely recommend to all my pregnant friends. - Megan E, Oct 2022

I had a planned induction at 7.30am but had baby at 4.16am with only a 3 hour labour! No time for epidural so just had the TENS machine and gas. Loved the TENS machine and boost mode! - Teri R, Sept 2022

Amazing, great pain relief to use at home. Kept me at home for a long time for my first labour. - Karli G, Sept 2022

TENS was the only form of pain relief I used. 100% would recommend! Cannot rave more about it! - Sophie M, Sept 2022

The service provided by Natal Care Naturally was quick, efficient and very professional. For someone interested in TENS, I recommend their service. - Victoria R, Blenheim, Aug 2022

Had the best home birth and couldn't have done it without my TENS. Thank you so much! - Stephanie V, Napier, Aug 2022

Ended up with an unexpected home birth as labour progressed faster than expected. The TENS machine certainly helped me get to the end and I don't know where I'd have been without it! - Celia W, July 2022

During our unexpected and quick home-birth (wasn't planned), the tens machine was my only source of pain relief. It really helped me get through my labour effectively. Thank you very much, Highly recommended. Not sure what I would have done with the tens machine. - Melissa W, Christchurch, July 2022

I was in early labour for 2 days following an induction and this was a god-send! Gave so much relief and made the pain tolerable. I would 100% use again! - Tasmin C, April 2022

When I arrived at the hospital my midwife thought she'd be sending me back home. When she checked me I was 9cm dilated. She credited the tens machine with making me look like I wasn't in pain. - Michelle W, April 2022

I had my tens on from first contractions till delivery. Helped so much. Only had tens and gas for my first birth. Would highly recommend. Leigh C, April 2022

Highly recommend. Helped me through back labour at home to 9cm dilated. Will definitely be using again. Becky B, Matakatia, March 2022

After a highly medicated first labour and birth, I decided to try TENS for my second birth. I was really impressed with how effective it was. I didn't need any otehr form of pain relief at all! - Christine F, Christchurch March 2022

Amazing. I had a long, slow labour so was nice to use the TENS machine while I was at home. If I didn't have it, I would have needed to go to hospital much sooner. Zoe S, Whitianga, Feb 2022

Best suggestion ever for natural pain relief. I used it in the early stages of labour. 2 hours and 8cm later, tens machine got me through! D Johnson, Lower Hutt, Feb 2022

I used the TENS machine for the whole of my labour and NO WAY I could have birthed my baby naturally without it. - Alienor D, Wyndham, Dec 2021

I've used the TENS for all 3 labours. It is a great way to distract from the dull aching contractions in stage 1 labour and saved energy and stamina for the 2nd stage. I would use TENS everytime. - Jessica A, Auckland, Dec 2021

The TENS machine was a game-changer for me and helped significantly during my 56hr labour! - Gabrielle S, Auckland, Dec 2021

On reflection I don't think I could have coped with my labour intensity without the assistance of the TENS machine. If fully enabled me to produce all the endorphins to proceed without medical intervention and acted as the best support before birting our baby in the pool. - Lindsay G, Wellington Oct 2021

Best decision I made! Used it for 24 hours. Definitely took my mind off the pain - was easy to use and was an absolute life-saver for a first time mum! - Mikayla Z, New Plymouth, Oct 2021

My birth partner and I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing, smooth birth and the TENS machine played a huge part. - Amanda T - Palmerston North, Sept 2021

Second time user. Cannot rate this product/service higher! No pain relief again - LOVE the TENS! - Benita R, Christchurch, Sept 2021

I found the TENS machine excellent with coping with early labour and even into transition to active labour. It helped me feel in control and gave me something else to focus on. Worth every cent, and will be using again. Excellent customer service from NatalCare. - Courtney F, July 2021

I have now used it for a 3rd time and it makes a huge difference from stage 1-2 of labour. I love using it and being in control. - Hanna, July 2021

I absolutely loved the TENS. It was the only pain relief I needed for my birth. Thank you. - Ella A, Westmere, June 2021

Excellent service. This machine got me through 20hrs of labour! - Amy M, Hamilton - June 2021

OMG, I could not have gotton through labour without this machine. Thank you!!! - Christel B, Wanaka, Feb 2021

I typically have a long early labour, even for my 3rd baby and this time, I can honestly say its what got me through this stage. My husband loves it too, because he could leave me to it and take care of the other kids. I highly recommend this form of pain relief. - Lizzie T, Mount Maunganui, Feb 2021

Loved the TENS machine during and after labour. I used it to help get the knots out of my back as well. - Renee T, Riverton, Jan 2021

This was the second birth that I used a TENS machine. Both times the machine helped me get through the early stages of active labour. Both times I had a natural birth - would totally recommend! - Jenna, Papamoa, Oct 2020

If you're worried about handling the pain of contractions while still at home (like I was) I totally recommend hiring one of these to help ease your mind. - Robyn, Feilding, Oct 2020

This was absolutely FANTASTIC, totally different and more positive experience from first labour - and have recommended you to everyone. Thank you. - Catherine, Auckland, Oct 2020

I had an extremely long early phase (over 10 hours) and TENS helped so much!! Great to have. - Jasmine, Auckland, Oct 2020 

I was induced and my labour got very intense very quickly, but the TENS kept me sane throughout the whole experience. A HUGE thanks! - Veronique, Oct 2020

Not only was the machine great for pain relief, but it made me feel like I had one thing I could control throughout labour! - Alex, Wellington, Oct 2020

Dramatically reduces pain or your awareness of pain. Allowing a natural, drug-free labour - thank you. - Sandra, Auckland, Oct 2020

1000% recommend! Amazing pain relief! Even kept it on during the pushing phase too! - Zoe, Tauranga, Sept 2020

Very reasonably priced, speedy delivery. Leading up to transition in my labour TENS provided good pain relief. - Miriam, Palmerston North, Sept 2020

Laboured at home until 7cm - first pregnancy. Was not convinced I was in 'real' labour because it wasn't as painful as expected (obviously the TENS was working!) - Nicola, Cambridge, Sept 2020

Using the TENS machine was a really critical part in having the second birth I hoped to have. Is was a 'game-changer' for me. - Claire, Dunedin, Sept 2020

I highly recommend the TENS machine. It really helped me to relax and focus on the sensation of the machine over the contractions. - Tasha, Tauranga, July 2020

Used the TENS for 12 hours of labour at home before going to the birthing centre. Helped with the pain and gave me something else to focus on! - Kimberley, Auckland, July 2020

During my 32 hour labour with posterior baby, I tried lots of different things to relieve the pain and found TENS and heat the best. - Lisa, Wellington, July 2020

Couldn't have got through the early stages of labour without it. - Stella, Auckland, July 2020

Highly recommend using  a TENS machine during labour. This was by third pregnancy and labour and I used one each time. - Amy, Christchurch, June 2020

Thanks for sending so promptly. The TENS machine was crucial to getting through my long labour. So glad I had this! - Katherine, Wellington, June 2020

The TENS machine really helped with my labour/contractions. Allowing us to labour at home for as long as possible. When we arrived at birth unit I was 8cm dilated. Removed TENS before delivery 2 hours later! - Maia, Auckland, June 2020

I wish I'd have thought about TENS for the other two babies! - Libby, Wellington, May 2020

The TENS machine acted as an excellent distraction and something I could actively use to help get through each contraction. - Samantha, Hamilton, May 2020

Easy to use and I don't think I would have coped without it. - Michelle, Burwood, May 2020

The TENS was a 'game-changer' for my labour. - Alison, Te Atatu South, May 2020

Easy to use and effective! Even with a posterior labour, the TENS machine helped with the awful back contractions. I noticed a huge difference when not pressing the boost button!! - Lucy, Ellerslie, May 2020

I just wanted to say thank you for sending the tens machine so promptly! What an amazing machine this is!! This was my first baby and thanks to your tens machine I managed to wait at home till I was almost 9cm before going to the hospital and I birthed naturally without any pain relief! I couldn’t have done it without the tens. It was great also as when things got more intense it gave my husband a job pushing the pulse button which was nice as it was his way of being able to help! I highly recommend the tens machine to all and will certainly hire one from you for our next baby! I have encouraged my sister to try one out with her next baby also. - Shontae, Invercargill, Jan 2020

Great for a distraction. I had a very short, intense labour of 2.5 hours but TENS helped for the first hour. Also helped after birth with the pains of uterus contracting. - Kirsty, Upper Hutt, Jan 2020

We ended up having an unplanned home birth which I largely thank to this use of this machine. It helped me so much!!! Dream result :-) - Niki, Tauranga, Jan 2020

Great for early stages of labour and was helpful to have something up my sleeve for a long 'rush hour' journey in the car to hospital! - Sian, Wellington, Nov 2019

All in all a smooth and successful labour. It was well organised with getting TENS delivered. Thank you, highly recommend you to all! - Charlotte, Hamilton, Nov 2019

It was GREAT for managing 48 hours of early labour! - Rochelle, Te Atatu, Nov 2019

2nd labour with a TENS and both times allowed me to be comfortable enough to stay at home for labour and birth - Whitney, Whakatane, Nov 2019

EXCELLENT delivery timeframe of next day! I ordered this Thursday afternoon, it arrived Friday afternoon and I went into labour 7am Saturday! VERY helpful with early to middle labour pains! Would recommend to everyone!! - Marcia, Halswell, Oct 2019

I wouldn't be without it. I have had 2 births without using TENS and it was so much easier with this machine. - Sarah, Maungaturoto, Oct 2019

The TENS was really effective pain relief and all I needed to get through labour, together with breathing techniques. - Liz, Auckland, Sept 2019

I really thought the TENS helped throughout my contractions! Would 100% recommend - Dana, Marton, Sept 2019

Second baby and second time using one of your TENS machines - AMAZING! No other pain relief needed. Would highly recommend. - Kathryn, Auckland, July 2019

TENS is another option or tool to add to your 'arsenal' of pain relief. It's easy an easy to use distraction from the pain. - Nicola, Auckland, July 2019

This unit was incredible. I laboured at home with it for my first baby. Then had a quick delivery with no need for additional pain relief! I would definitely recommend. - July 2019

During labour my husband wore the remote around his neck and he was able to press the boost button to help me through each contraction. - Tamie, Ashburton, July 2019

I felt in full control of my pain relief and therefore felt very confident as labour progressed. The Tens machine was all the pain relief I needed until pushing. - Sarah, Auckland, June 2019

This was my second child and again having a TENS machine on hand meant a drug-free and quick progressing labour. - Emma, Dunedin, June 2019

This time TENS helped me to be comfortable on the car trip to hospital. I was fully dilated on arrival at hospital and couldn't have coped without the Tens machine. Thank you so much for supporting my labour and family with your great service. My midwife was impressed with how effective it was!!! - Kimberley, Wellington, June 2019

First time using a TENS. AMAZING little machine. Have already recommended to friends! thanks - Kristie, Rotorua, June 2019

This was my first pregnancy. I wanted to have a natural delivery but was scared of having to feel labour pains. On the other hand, I didn't want to have any other pain medication and an epidural. The TENS machine really worked for me, from early to even active labour! This was the only pain relief I had. AMAZING! - Faye, Mt Roskill, June 2019

Used this in first birth, used again 2nd birth. Both times managed with TENS and gas. Let me stay at home longer and just used gas at the end. - Megan, Wellington, April 2019

This is my 2nd baby. I had used TENS for number one and managed a drug free labour for both births. - Emma, Dec 2018

I was surprised with how well TENS distracted me during contractions of 3 days. - Hannah, Christchurch Nov 2018

Definitely worth the investment. I used for 9 hours of induced labour and it REALLY helped! - Alex, Auckland, Nov 2018 

Fantastic service to have available. Really helped me in early labour. - Siobhan Mission Bay, Oct 2018

One hour labour and TENS was the only pain relief I used. Thankfully quick and easy to set up. - Kristen, Ellerslie, Oct 2018

Second time using TENS and it was AMAZING! Thank you. - Rebecca, Auckland, Sept 2018

This was my first pregnancy so it is hard to have any idea of what the pain might have been like during birth without the TENS, but I can say that I was able to birth at home with no pain relief, just the TENS and a bit of massage and a wheat bag. So I am extremely happy and would definitely use the TENS again. - Toni, Clive, Sept 2018

Giving birth is a wonderful experience with TENS - Dollie, Hamilton, August 2018

Using this machine meant I had a drug-free labour - it was my savior in labour. - Noelle, Christchurch, August 2018

My labour was surprisingly quick so I ended up only using the TENS machine. I found it particularly useful in the lead up and did leave it on the whole time. - Tineke, Auckland, July 2018

Felt good being in control of pain relief. Forgot I was wearing it. This and gas were amazing! - Sophie, Hamilton, July 2018

Have LOVED using TENS for labour. This was my 3rd baby and 3rd time using TENS - wouldn't labour without it! - Heidi, Papamoa, July 2018

I have now had two babies and for both labours and births have only used TENS for pain relief. I found it to be a very effective way of managing pain especially while at home. I liked the way it gave me a feeling of having control. - Susan, Avonhead, June 2018

I found TENS so help with getting through the early stages of labour - would definitely use again and highly recommend. - Merrin, Rolleston, June 2018

An excellent pain relief option for labour. Made it possible to stay home for much longer. - Amber, Hastings, June 2018

I'm not sure I could have done it without the TENS for so long! - Nicole, Wellington, June 2018

A great way to manage pain during labour naturally, alternating the TENS with being in the bath. - Gina, Wellington, June 2018

I used this machine for early labour as we had a 2.5 hour drive to the hospital and I found it REALLY helped me cope. - Bridget, Cromwell, May 2018

I couldn't have stayed at home for as long as I did without the TENS. Excellent. - Melissa, Christchurch, May 2018

FANTASTIC! The TENS have me a sense of control and distracted me. - Billie Jo, Wellington, May 2018

Second time using TENS in labour. Definitely happy I had it! - Olivia, Orewa, May 2018

I would not have had the drug-free water birth I wanted without this machine. A must have if you are wanting a natural birth. - Courtney, Hamilton, May 2018

My advice is to be prepared for your labour. TENS really helped me in labour. Be ready to try anything. I used TENS all the way to 8cm when I got into the birth pool. - Lailaa, Rotokauri, April 2018

I highly recommend the TENS machine for during labour. It REALLY helped me cope with the pain. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. - Imogene, Christchurch, April 2018

AMAZING! TENS enabled me to have a drug-free birth. I had a 23hr labour and used TENS for 18 hours until I got in the bath. Will be recommending TENS to everyone. Thank you! - Helaina, Auckland, March 2018

For my first baby I had all the pain meds and an epidural. 2nd time I used TENS and it was the only thing I used. Hugely IMPRESSED!! Vicky, Sandringham, March 2018

I delivered a 10.8 pound baby naturally, only using TENS for pain management and it was brilliant! Sherena, Auckland, Jan 2018

The TENS helped me to get through labour and painful contractions. Thanks to TENS I was able to have a natural birth with no epidural. Clara, Palmerston North, Jan 2018

Very good service! TENS machine is great! Jerjen, Palmerston North, Jan 2018 

A great distraction from labour pain. From beginning to end of labour. Nicole, Auckland, Dec 2017

Great and easy service with great communication via email. Also after having a baby and short on time the prepaid return postage bag was wonderful!! Thanks :) Kimberley, Auckland, Dec 2017

The TENS was definitely helpful during my quick labour. I didn't even notice going through transition. Labour was still painful but when I briefly took off the unit the pain was a lot worse! Lisa, Wellington, Nov 2017

I spent 22 hours at home in labour before going to the hospital. I would not have managed this period without the TENS machine. Naomi - Wellington, Oct 2017

VERY effective! TENS was the only pain relief I used during my very quick first labour. Danielle, Auckland Oct 2017

This was my second labour and was very quick. Both times the TENS machine made a BIG difference and allowed me to have natural, unmedicated births. - Danielle, Wellington Oct 2017

Using TENS helped me feel proactive about my pain management. - Sanchia, Halswell Oct 2017

TENS is a safe form of pain relief that allowed me control over my contractions. - Kasia, Dunedin Oct 2017

Laboured to 8cm at home with TENS...awesome service! - Jaclyn, Avondale, Auckland - June 2017

Amazing form of natural pain relief for our amazing home birth! - Chloe, St Heliers, Auckland, June 2017

From the time I put it on both my partner and I noticed I got stronger in dealing with the contractions. I used it right up until I needed to push. It helped give me the labour I'd hoped for. - Kate, New Brighton, Christchurch June 2017

Better than the gas! I've recommended it already! Got me through most of labour. - Amelia, Wellington, April 2017

I had a LONG labour (long latent phase and long active phase). The TENS machine and breathing offered AWESOME relief for a good portion of it. Basically the TENS only came off for baths and monitoring. I highly recommend the investment. - Beverly - Wellington April 2017

Great to have something you can use at home, in the car and at the hospital. I like being in control of my contractions and TENS helps. - Jean, Auckland, April 2017

Fantastic!! Gave birth using only TENS, gas and air. - Sue, Auckland, April 2017

It REALLY helps to feel like you are 'doing something' when contractions are becoming intense! Pressing the button makes you regain some control! - Katie, Panmure, April 2017

If someone had told me that I would go through my whole labour and birth using just the TENS machine I would of laughed and said "no way". But that is what happened. I found the distraction of the vibrating motion helped me to concentrate more on my breathing than on the pain. Having control of when to push the button and deciding when to up the level gave me a great sense of comfort because I was in charge of how the pain was managed. I really do recommend the TENS machine and will definitely be using it again if I decide to have another baby. - Kerryanne - Henderson, Auckland March 2017

Used for first baby and got me well into active labour. This is my 2nd baby and the TENS machine was the only pain relief I needed to manage. Have already recommended you to my friend. Thank you. - Rachel - Ranui, Auckland, Feb 2017

You have though of everything. Clear instructions, attention to details and ease of use. Great service. Cheers. - Hanna - Pakuranga. Feb 2017

Great machine. This was the only pain relief used during my labour. Thank you! - Siobhan - Cromwell - Feb 2017

"The TENS was amazing, I do not know how people birth without it". - Amanda - Nov 2016

"A fantastic machine which allowed me to be mobile through a 14hr labour and resulting in a drug-free and natural birth! Would highly recommend giving it a go." - Anna - Christchurch Oct 2016

"Found it really effective for my first labour and again for my second. Was really, really good to help manage my pain. x2 births now drug-free because of TENS! :)" - Heidi - Tauranga - Oct 2016

"Perfect service. Thank you with all our hearts! Best thing ever. Pleased I found you."
Emma, Kris and Baby Arthur - Oct 2016

"What a brilliant machine! Have been singing it's praises to anyone who will listen ha ha. Am so glad I decided to have it on hand as my labour started out full on in my back so tried the machine and it did the trick right through to delivery. 14 hours later we delivered a beautiful baby boy naturally with no drugs and no complications. I really don't think I could have made it through with no drugs if it hadn't been for that and our baby I am sure has been all the better for it." - Anna (Christchurch) - Oct 2016

“Awesome. I didn’t even realise how effective it was until I reached the hospital already at 10cm!! The pain hadn’t been unbearable.” - Tanya (Wainuiomata) – June 2016

“Loved using TENS during labour. I have used one with both births and wouldn’t go without it – great distraction.” – Karlie (Torbay, Auckland) – June 2016

“Fantastic hire and service. Many thanks.” - Kate (Ashburton) June 2016

“TENS was great for early labour. I was having mild contractions Thurs, Fri before going into active labour Fri night, so while sitting around at home it was just great.” - Lena (Upper Hutt) June 2016

“Great, easy service. Exactly what you need when you are having a baby.” - Evelyn (Auckland) June 2016

“Was great! Worked so well we ended up late to the hospital and almost fully dilated.” - Nicky (Orakei Auckland) May 2016

“Thanks very much. It worked really well for me! Allowing me to labour at home for a long time. I arrived at the birthing unit 7cm dilated already!.” - Megan (Auckland) May 2016

“This is the second time I’ve used TENS and I found it more effective this time around as my labour was more natural but fast. It helped me immensely cope with the back pain so I could concentrate on the tummy pain. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending a TENS machine to friends have a baby.” – Christine (Christchurch) April 2016

“The TENS was fantastic during my long labour. Once I had been in the shower or pool I couldn’t wait to get it back on again. Will 100% use again!” - Ryan  April 2016

“This is my third birth and third time using a TENS machine! I can’t recommend it enough. I managed all three labours with just TENS and gas. The TENS works amazingly at assisting with labour pain as it progresses making it a far more manageable process!” – Allysa (Auckland) – April 2016

“I didn’t realise how effective it was until I had to take it off to get in the birthing pool! Totally recommend.” – Ange (St Martins, Christchurch) – March 2016

“I had a pretty awful experience during labour, being in early labour for 3 days. I would not have managed the pain for that long without the TENS machine – thank you so much.” - Anneke (Wellington) – March 2016

“I was somewhat skeptical on the effectiveness of a TENS, but from the time I turned it on, I was thankful I hired it! (I had a very fast labour – under 2 hours – so it was a huge help). Thank you.” – Belinda (Titirangi Auckland) – March 2016

“This is the third time I’ve used TENS during labour – I find it extremely beneficial. Fantastic device to disguise pain and acts as a vital distraction from pain. Couldn’t have done it without TENS!” – Pamela (Auckland) – Feb 2016

The TENS machine helped me to have both my children naturally, in control, with no medical intervention or medical pain relief.Shona – Shirley, Christchurch

I had originally planned to not use the TENS but my labour lasted 17.5 hours with 16 hours at home overnight. I could not have done that without the use of the TENS – Thanks! - Jayne – Halswell, Christchurch

Found the TENS great in the early stages of labour. Pushing the button each time felt like I had some control over my contractions. Thank you! - Becci – Wanaka

Thank you so much. This was the only pain relief I used and TENS was a welcome distraction through contractions - Anne-Marie – East Tamaki, Auckland

This is the second time using TENS in labour and again I found it amazing. It was the only pain relief I used until the last hour of labour where gas worked in well. It is great to be so in control and to be able to use pain relief at home.
Happy new mum

Brilliant machine & excellent service. Thanks.
Karen, Hibiscus Coast

The TENS machine helped me cope with the pain well at home and when I got to the hospital I found it better than gas and air.
Mum from Papakura

We live an hour out of town so for both births it has been great to have a pain relief to use right from the early stages of labour at home and the drive to town! TENS has worked well for both of my labours.
Parent Centre mum

We had an unexpected home birth and the TENS machine worked excellently for me. We had a healthy little boy in 40mins! We live in a rural area where help took longer than most places to come. We are very happy. Thank you.

It helped a lot with nerve pain in my hips.
New mum in Howick, Auckland

Fast, very efficient service. TENS unit clean and very easy to use. I found TENS pain relief very effective and I would use again (if needed!). I have already recommended the TENS and your company to many friends. Many thanks!
Joanna, Christchurch

I can’t imagine labour without it! Really helpful during labour.
Stephanie, Auckland

I just used the TENS, no other pain relief. I had the home birth I wanted and it was a wonderful experience. I also used TENS for my first baby so I’m a repeat customer  
Alaiza, Auckland

This is the 4th labour/baby that I have used TENS for. It was great to feel in control of my labour with effective pain relief yet knowing that I wouldn’t be affecting my baby in any way. Recovery rate is much quicker too.
Bridget, Mount Maunganui

I found it really helpful for managing contractions and was able to labour at home for 12 – 15 hours until I was 9cm dilated. Then went to hospital and had a natural birth (1st baby) in 2 hours.
Nissa, North Shore

I used a TENS machine for my first child in the UK, and it was great, so I was glad to get one from Natal Care Naturally for my second child here in NZ. It’s a big help. Using the TENS machine meant I could stay home longer before going to hospital, allowing me to have a natural birth using just gas & air. I’d definitely recommend one to any mum to be. Sarah, Christchurch, mum of two

Our baby girl finally arrived at 42 weeks exactly! She used up every last moment for growing I think, as we were literally on our way out the door to be induced when my Mum recognised that I was actually already in early labour. So we got a new plan – counted contractions & it turns out she was right! The TENS was fantastic! I couldn’t have coped in early labour without it. I got to 8cm dilated using the TENS before going to hospital (then jumped in the bath). I wish more labouring women would try it. I happily recommend TENS & your company.
Heidi, Dunedin

My midwife recommended the TENS machine while discussing pain relief. After going into labour reasonably quickly with our first, I wanted to have some form of pain relief on hand in case things started quickly again.

I hired a TENS from Natalcare to alleviate the contractions until we reached hospital. We prepared with a few TENS ‘dummy runs’. For a pair of techno phobes like us, it was easy to use. If you can press a button and put on a plaster you can operate this puppy.

As is often the case, I went into labour in the middle of the night. I attached the TENS immediately and activated it with each contraction. As predicted with my fast labour first time around, things moved rapidly. Contractions started at 3 minutes apart and became closer from there. The TENS definitely took the edge off. It felt like a dulling down in the intensity of each contraction which made them A LOT more bearable.

90 minutes later, our little 8lb 8.0z stunner Isla was born at home, no need for gas or other types of pain relief. Something I don’t think I would have been able to endure had I not had the TENS on hand.

Having now experienced labour with and without it, I would most definitely not be without one should I be lucky enough to find myself in that ‘painfully’ rewarding position again!
Pip, Christchurch, mum of two

TENS helped me labour at home immensely. I was 8cm dilated upon arrival at the hospital and therefore had a relatively quick birth.
Alexis, Auckland

Like many women I wanted to do everything I could to have a drug free labour and the TENS unit helped me to do this. I started to use the machine as soon as I felt labour starting. Being able to alter the machine during labour, or when I was having a contraction gave me the feeling I was in control and gave me something else to focus on. The TENS machine was easy to apply and simple to use. I would definitely recommend using a TENS machine to anyone in labour. It was very effective for pain relief.
Melanie, Christchurch

I started using TENS after the first few contractions. It was really, really valuable during my labour and I had a fantastic delivery. The service and instructions were excellent. Thanks!
Dianne, Nelson

This was our first child and we didn’t exactly know what to expect on the day. Our wish was to go through the labour without drugs and we had heard that a TENS machine could help.

It surprised us how easy it was to use and how effective it was. The gentle vibrations took the attention away from the contractions and made the pain bearable. My partner was in charge of using it and it was nice to see him trying to help as much as he could. I think it’s a good way to get your partner involved.

Eventually, we went through very well considering my delivery was induced and the TENS machine helped a lot.
Katerina & Zdenek, Christchurch

The TENS unit got me to 8cm at home! This meant a very short labour at the birthing unit and a very stress-free birth. Thank you!
Louise, Ohinewai

You can be fully mobile when using the TENS machine during labour. You can increase/decrease the impulses depending on the strength of contraction. It greatly reduced my need for other pain relief. I would use TENS again and recommend it to others. Thanks!
Rebecca, Wellington