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Hear what our mums are saying about our TENS machines...

Fantastic service to have available. Really helped me in early labour. - Siobhan Mission Bay, Oct 2018

One hour labour and TENS was the only pain relief I used. Thankfully quick and easy to set up. - Kristen, Ellerslie, Oct 2018

Second time using TENS and it was AMAZING! Thank you. - Rebecca, Auckland, Sept 2018

This was my first pregnancy so it is hard to have any idea of what the pain might have been like during birth without the TENS, but I can say that I was able to birth at home with no pain relief, just the TENS and a bit of massage and a wheat bag. So I am extremely happy and would definitely use the TENS again. - Toni, Clive, Sept 2018

Giving birth is a wonderful experience with TENS - Dollie, Hamilton, August 2018

Using this machine meant I had a drug-free labour - it was my savior in labour. - Noelle, Christchurch, August 2018

My labour was surprisingly quick so I ended up only using the TENS machine. I found it particularly useful in the lead up and did leave it on the whole time. - Tineke, Auckland, July 2018

Felt good being in control of pain relief. Forgot I was wearing it. This and gas were amazing! - Sophie, Hamilton, July 2018

Have LOVED using TENS for labour. This was my 3rd baby and 3rd time using TENS - wouldn't labour without it! - Heidi, Papamoa, July 2018

I have now had two babies and for both labours and births have only used TENS for pain relief. I found it to be a very effective way of managing pain especially while at home. I liked the way it gave me a feeling of having control. - Susan, Avonhead, June 2018

I found TENS so help with getting through the early stages of labour - would definitely use again and highly recommend. - Merrin, Rolleston, June 2018

An excellent pain relief option for labour. Made it possible to stay home for much longer. - Amber, Hastings, June 2018

I'm not sure I could have done it without the TENS for so long! - Nicole, Wellington, June 2018

A great way to manage pain during labour naturally, alternating the TENS with being in the bath. - Gina, Wellington, June 2018

I used this machine for early labour as we had a 2.5 hour drive to the hospital and I found it REALLY helped me cope. - Bridget, Cromwell, May 2018

I couldn't have stayed at home for as long as I did without the TENS. Excellent. - Melissa, Christchurch, May 2018

FANTASTIC! The TENS have me a sense of control and distracted me. - Billie Jo, Wellington, May 2018

Second time using TENS in labour. Definitely happy I had it! - Olivia, Orewa, May 2018

I would not have had the drug-free water birth I wanted without this machine. A must have if you are wanting a natural birth. - Courtney, Hamilton, May 2018

My advice is to be prepared for your labour. TENS really helped me in labour. Be ready to try anything. I used TENS all the way to 8cm when I got into the birth pool. - Lailaa, Rotokauri, April 2018

I highly recommend the TENS machine for during labour. It REALLY helped me cope with the pain. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. - Imogene, Christchurch, April 2018

AMAZING! TENS enabled me to have a drug-free birth. I had a 23hr labour and used TENS for 18 hours until I got in the bath. Will be recommending TENS to everyone. Thank you! - Helaina, Auckland, March 2018

For my first baby I had all the pain meds and an epidural. 2nd time I used TENS and it was the only thing I used. Hugely IMPRESSED!! Vicky, Sandringham, March 2018

I delivered a 10.8 pound baby naturally, only using TENS for pain management and it was brilliant! Sherena, Auckland, Jan 2018

The TENS helped me to get through labour and painful contractions. Thanks to TENS I was able to have a natural birth with no epidural. Clara, Palmerston North, Jan 2018

Very good service! TENS machine is great! Jerjen, Palmerston North, Jan 2018 

A great distraction from labour pain. From beginning to end of labour. Nicole, Auckland, Dec 2017

Great and easy service with great communication via email. Also after having a baby and short on time the prepaid return postage bag was wonderful!! Thanks :) Kimberley, Auckland, Dec 2017

The TENS was definitely helpful during my quick labour. I didn't even notice going through transition. Labour was still painful but when I briefly took off the unit the pain was a lot worse! Lisa, Wellington, Nov 2017

I spent 22 hours at home in labour before going to the hospital. I would not have managed this period without the TENS machine. Naomi - Wellington, Oct 2017

VERY effective! TENS was the only pain relief I used during my very quick first labour. Danielle, Auckland Oct 2017

This was my second labour and was very quick. Both times the TENS machine made a BIG difference and allowed me to have natural, unmedicated births. - Danielle, Wellington Oct 2017

Using TENS helped me feel proactive about my pain management. - Sanchia, Halswell Oct 2017

TENS is a safe form of pain relief that allowed me control over my contractions. - Kasia, Dunedin Oct 2017

Laboured to 8cm at home with TENS...awesome service! - Jaclyn, Avondale, Auckland - June 2017

Amazing form of natural pain relief for our amazing home birth! - Chloe, St Heliers, Auckland, June 2017

From the time I put it on both my partner and I noticed I got stronger in dealing with the contractions. I used it right up until I needed to push. It helped give me the labour I'd hoped for. - Kate, New Brighton, Christchurch June 2017

Better than the gas! I've recommended it already! Got me through most of labour. - Amelia, Wellington, April 2017

I had a LONG labour (long latent phase and long active phase). The TENS machine and breathing offered AWESOME relief for a good portion of it. Basically the TENS only came off for baths and monitoring. I highly recommend the investment. - Beverly - Wellington April 2017

Great to have something you can use at home, in the car and at the hospital. I like being in control of my contractions and TENS helps. - Jean, Auckland, April 2017

Fantastic!! Gave birth using only TENS, gas and air. - Sue, Auckland, April 2017

It REALLY helps to feel like you are 'doing something' when contractions are becoming intense! Pressing the button makes you regain some control! - Katie, Panmure, April 2017

If someone had told me that I would go through my whole labour and birth using just the TENS machine I would of laughed and said "no way". But that is what happened. I found the distraction of the vibrating motion helped me to concentrate more on my breathing than on the pain. Having control of when to push the button and deciding when to up the level gave me a great sense of comfort because I was in charge of how the pain was managed. I really do recommend the TENS machine and will definitely be using it again if I decide to have another baby. - Kerryanne - Henderson, Auckland March 2017

Used for first baby and got me well into active labour. This is my 2nd baby and the TENS machine was the only pain relief I needed to manage. Have already recommended you to my friend. Thank you. - Rachel - Ranui, Auckland, Feb 2017

You have though of everything. Clear instructions, attention to details and ease of use. Great service. Cheers. - Hanna - Pakuranga. Feb 2017

Great machine. This was the only pain relief used during my labour. Thank you! - Siobhan - Cromwell - Feb 2017

"The TENS was amazing, I do not know how people birth without it". - Amanda - Nov 2016

"A fantastic machine which allowed me to be mobile through a 14hr labour and resulting in a drug-free and natural birth! Would highly recommend giving it a go." - Anna - Christchurch Oct 2016

"Found it really effective for my first labour and again for my second. Was really, really good to help manage my pain. x2 births now drug-free because of TENS! :)" - Heidi - Tauranga - Oct 2016

"Perfect service. Thank you with all our hearts! Best thing ever. Pleased I found you."
Emma, Kris and Baby Arthur - Oct 2016

"What a brilliant machine! Have been singing it's praises to anyone who will listen ha ha. Am so glad I decided to have it on hand as my labour started out full on in my back so tried the machine and it did the trick right through to delivery. 14 hours later we delivered a beautiful baby boy naturally with no drugs and no complications. I really don't think I could have made it through with no drugs if it hadn't been for that and our baby I am sure has been all the better for it." - Anna (Christchurch) - Oct 2016

“Awesome. I didn’t even realise how effective it was until I reached the hospital already at 10cm!! The pain hadn’t been unbearable.” - Tanya (Wainuiomata) – June 2016

“Loved using TENS during labour. I have used one with both births and wouldn’t go without it – great distraction.” – Karlie (Torbay, Auckland) – June 2016

“Fantastic hire and service. Many thanks.” - Kate (Ashburton) June 2016

“TENS was great for early labour. I was having mild contractions Thurs, Fri before going into active labour Fri night, so while sitting around at home it was just great.” - Lena (Upper Hutt) June 2016

“Great, easy service. Exactly what you need when you are having a baby.” - Evelyn (Auckland) June 2016

“Was great! Worked so well we ended up late to the hospital and almost fully dilated.” - Nicky (Orakei Auckland) May 2016

“Thanks very much. It worked really well for me! Allowing me to labour at home for a long time. I arrived at the birthing unit 7cm dilated already!.” - Megan (Auckland) May 2016

“This is the second time I’ve used TENS and I found it more effective this time around as my labour was more natural but fast. It helped me immensely cope with the back pain so I could concentrate on the tummy pain. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending a TENS machine to friends have a baby.” – Christine (Christchurch) April 2016

“The TENS was fantastic during my long labour. Once I had been in the shower or pool I couldn’t wait to get it back on again. Will 100% use again!” - Ryan  April 2016

“This is my third birth and third time using a TENS machine! I can’t recommend it enough. I managed all three labours with just TENS and gas. The TENS works amazingly at assisting with labour pain as it progresses making it a far more manageable process!” – Allysa (Auckland) – April 2016

“I didn’t realise how effective it was until I had to take it off to get in the birthing pool! Totally recommend.” – Ange (St Martins, Christchurch) – March 2016

“I had a pretty awful experience during labour, being in early labour for 3 days. I would not have managed the pain for that long without the TENS machine – thank you so much.” - Anneke (Wellington) – March 2016

“I was somewhat skeptical on the effectiveness of a TENS, but from the time I turned it on, I was thankful I hired it! (I had a very fast labour – under 2 hours – so it was a huge help). Thank you.” – Belinda (Titirangi Auckland) – March 2016

“This is the third time I’ve used TENS during labour – I find it extremely beneficial. Fantastic device to disguise pain and acts as a vital distraction from pain. Couldn’t have done it without TENS!” – Pamela (Auckland) – Feb 2016

The TENS machine helped me to have both my children naturally, in control, with no medical intervention or medical pain relief.Shona – Shirley, Christchurch

I had originally planned to not use the TENS but my labour lasted 17.5 hours with 16 hours at home overnight. I could not have done that without the use of the TENS – Thanks! - Jayne – Halswell, Christchurch

Found the TENS great in the early stages of labour. Pushing the button each time felt like I had some control over my contractions. Thank you! - Becci – Wanaka

Thank you so much. This was the only pain relief I used and TENS was a welcome distraction through contractions - Anne-Marie – East Tamaki, Auckland

This is the second time using TENS in labour and again I found it amazing. It was the only pain relief I used until the last hour of labour where gas worked in well. It is great to be so in control and to be able to use pain relief at home.
Happy new mum

Brilliant machine & excellent service. Thanks.
Karen, Hibiscus Coast

The TENS machine helped me cope with the pain well at home and when I got to the hospital I found it better than gas and air.
Mum from Papakura

We live an hour out of town so for both births it has been great to have a pain relief to use right from the early stages of labour at home and the drive to town! TENS has worked well for both of my labours.
Parent Centre mum

We had an unexpected home birth and the TENS machine worked excellently for me. We had a healthy little boy in 40mins! We live in a rural area where help took longer than most places to come. We are very happy. Thank you.

It helped a lot with nerve pain in my hips.
New mum in Howick, Auckland

Fast, very efficient service. TENS unit clean and very easy to use. I found TENS pain relief very effective and I would use again (if needed!). I have already recommended the TENS and your company to many friends. Many thanks!
Joanna, Christchurch

I can’t imagine labour without it! Really helpful during labour.
Stephanie, Auckland

I just used the TENS, no other pain relief. I had the home birth I wanted and it was a wonderful experience. I also used TENS for my first baby so I’m a repeat customer  
Alaiza, Auckland

This is the 4th labour/baby that I have used TENS for. It was great to feel in control of my labour with effective pain relief yet knowing that I wouldn’t be affecting my baby in any way. Recovery rate is much quicker too.
Bridget, Mount Maunganui

I found it really helpful for managing contractions and was able to labour at home for 12 – 15 hours until I was 9cm dilated. Then went to hospital and had a natural birth (1st baby) in 2 hours.
Nissa, North Shore

I used a TENS machine for my first child in the UK, and it was great, so I was glad to get one from Natal Care Naturally for my second child here in NZ. It’s a big help. Using the TENS machine meant I could stay home longer before going to hospital, allowing me to have a natural birth using just gas & air. I’d definitely recommend one to any mum to be. Sarah, Christchurch, mum of two

Our baby girl finally arrived at 42 weeks exactly! She used up every last moment for growing I think, as we were literally on our way out the door to be induced when my Mum recognised that I was actually already in early labour. So we got a new plan – counted contractions & it turns out she was right! The TENS was fantastic! I couldn’t have coped in early labour without it. I got to 8cm dilated using the TENS before going to hospital (then jumped in the bath). I wish more labouring women would try it. I happily recommend TENS & your company.
Heidi, Dunedin

My midwife recommended the TENS machine while discussing pain relief. After going into labour reasonably quickly with our first, I wanted to have some form of pain relief on hand in case things started quickly again.

I hired a TENS from Natalcare to alleviate the contractions until we reached hospital. We prepared with a few TENS ‘dummy runs’. For a pair of techno phobes like us, it was easy to use. If you can press a button and put on a plaster you can operate this puppy.

As is often the case, I went into labour in the middle of the night. I attached the TENS immediately and activated it with each contraction. As predicted with my fast labour first time around, things moved rapidly. Contractions started at 3 minutes apart and became closer from there. The TENS definitely took the edge off. It felt like a dulling down in the intensity of each contraction which made them A LOT more bearable.

90 minutes later, our little 8lb 8.0z stunner Isla was born at home, no need for gas or other types of pain relief. Something I don’t think I would have been able to endure had I not had the TENS on hand.

Having now experienced labour with and without it, I would most definitely not be without one should I be lucky enough to find myself in that ‘painfully’ rewarding position again!
Pip, Christchurch, mum of two

TENS helped me labour at home immensely. I was 8cm dilated upon arrival at the hospital and therefore had a relatively quick birth.
Alexis, Auckland

Like many women I wanted to do everything I could to have a drug free labour and the TENS unit helped me to do this. I started to use the machine as soon as I felt labour starting. Being able to alter the machine during labour, or when I was having a contraction gave me the feeling I was in control and gave me something else to focus on. The TENS machine was easy to apply and simple to use. I would definitely recommend using a TENS machine to anyone in labour. It was very effective for pain relief.
Melanie, Christchurch

I started using TENS after the first few contractions. It was really, really valuable during my labour and I had a fantastic delivery. The service and instructions were excellent. Thanks!
Dianne, Nelson

This was our first child and we didn’t exactly know what to expect on the day. Our wish was to go through the labour without drugs and we had heard that a TENS machine could help.

It surprised us how easy it was to use and how effective it was. The gentle vibrations took the attention away from the contractions and made the pain bearable. My partner was in charge of using it and it was nice to see him trying to help as much as he could. I think it’s a good way to get your partner involved.

Eventually, we went through very well considering my delivery was induced and the TENS machine helped a lot.
Katerina & Zdenek, Christchurch

The TENS unit got me to 8cm at home! This meant a very short labour at the birthing unit and a very stress-free birth. Thank you!
Louise, Ohinewai

You can be fully mobile when using the TENS machine during labour. You can increase/decrease the impulses depending on the strength of contraction. It greatly reduced my need for other pain relief. I would use TENS again and recommend it to others. Thanks!
Rebecca, Wellington