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    TENS... 6 weeks hire for $59.99

    FREE overnight express shipping
    FREE Goodie Bag for pregnant mums - receive one with each TENS Hire
    Large size electrodes, instructions, batteries & prepaid return bag included
    BOOK NOW | 6 weeks hire | Only $59.99


"I've been telling EVERYONE how AMAZING the TENS was for me. 22 hours of labour & 3 hrs pushing and the only pain relief I used was TENS. I would never labour without it."

- Stephanie S from Auckland - Mar 2020

"The whole process was seamless from ordering the machine to using it and sending it back. Allowed me to have the natural birth I wanted." 

- Kate B from Auckland, Mar 2020

"Anyone who has a fear about pain or labour should use one. It gives you something to focus on and control."    

- Victoria C from Ashburton, Mar 2020