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    TENS... 6 weeks hire for $59.99

    FREE overnight express shipping | FREE Goodie Bag for pregnant mums - receive one with each TENS Hire | Large size electrodes, instructions, batteries & prepaid return bag included
    BOOK NOW | 6 weeks hire | Only $59.99


"TENS machine was a life-saver during my early labour. My baby was back-to-back so I had a lot of lower back pain and the TENS machine got me through to 6cm dilated before I went to hospital."

- Stacey E from Queenstown - Oct 2021

"Was amazing to use, especially during the lead up contractions. I felt way more in control once active labour started due to having the TENS beforehand."

- Janaea M from Porirua, Oct 2021

"I honestly didn't think vibrations would soothe my pain during labour but it was absolutely mind blowing how much it helped. Best investment and would 100% recommend and use again."    

- Rhiannon H from Wellsford, Oct 2021