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About Us


Jane, John, Jackson and Louie…that’s us!

We established Natal Care Naturally in 2006 when we were expecting the arrival of Jackson. During antenatal classes we were told of the benefits of a Labour TENS machine and we were keen to hire one to help with labour pain.

When we began ringing around to book a unit we found that all the units in our area were already booked for our due date. We were placed on a waiting list and continued to ring around. We finally picked up a unit at the last minute only to find it was old and faulty. We were frustrated and disappointed and realised that other people must have been in the same situation as us. Hence, we decided to purchase the best TENS units we could find and make them available to expectant parents throughout the entire country. We wanted to make the process as easy as possible and therefore decided to offer a simple on-line booking system, free door-to-door service and free return postage….simple!

We are now a family of four….with two busy boys and a business running from home, life is pretty hectic at times.

Because we have been in the same situation as expectant parents we understand the importance of providing a reliable, top quality service. It can be an exciting, yet stressful time leading up to a birth, so please be assured that we will send your unit to you when we say we will, with plenty of time for you to try out the TENS unit and become familiar with how it works.

We are always happy to help you with any questions or concerns. Feel free to give us a call anytime.

We wish you all the very best with your labour.

Jane & John