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Unplanned home birth for Nikki

Nikki had a wonderful unexpected home birth. With the help of TENS, her capable husband and a 111 operator, she did it!
Here's Nikki's feedback...
Thank you so so much for the TENS. It arrived just in time for our baby who arrived 3 weeks early.
A quick labour which resulted in an unplanned home birth (with just my husband to help deliver and 111 on speakerphone) meant the TENS was my only form of pain relief.
It was amazing and the boost button really helped with the contractions.
I can’t believe I had my baby with just the TENS machine but feel amazing for it!
The online courier service to send the TENS back is so helpful and makes such a difference when you have a newborn and trips out of the house aren’t as easy as they would have once been.
Thank you so much Jane! It made the world of difference to my birth experience.
- Nikki P
Thanks so much for the lovely feedback Nikki and well done on an awesome home birth!

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