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14 Self-Care Winter Tips for Parents

Winter can be a tricky time for parents. Because it's cold, it's harder to get outside, get motivated and stay healthy. Don't let the winter blues kick in! Check out our 14 Tips to Self-Care this Winter.


1. Early to bed

Aim to go to bed at the same time each night & wake up at the same time each morning.


2. Hydrate!

Drink 8 glasses of water per day. If you're not a water-fan, then drink herbal tea, flavoured or sparkling water.


3. Food Glorious Food

Make vege soup with winter root vegetables, get the slow cooker out & make some hearty stews & curries. 


4. No excuse exercise

Even if it’s raining, wrap yourself & babies up & pound the pavement. 


5. Let in the fresh air

Although the air is crisper, don’t forget to ventilate your home daily & let the fresh air in & the bad bugs out.


6. Make a plan

On a cold day sometimes it seems easier to stay at home, but make a plan & hit the park, swings, indoor pool or library.


7. Turn on the tunes

Play your fav dance tunes or calm yourself (& the kiddos) with some soft beats.


8. “Oooohhhmm”

It’s amazing how good you’ll feel after 20 minutes of yoga, meditation or stretching.


9. Get in hot water

Run yourself a hot bath with bubbles or jump in a hot shower. Bring baby in with you.


10. Declutter!

Get your little ones to ‘help’ you declutter the play area, bedrooms or kitchen.


11. Get arty

Bring out the pens, paper, scissors, glitter & whatever else you can find, & get creative.


12. Read a good book, or 20

Bring calm to the chaos, by piling up the pillows, grabbing a pile of books & reading to your babies.


13. Connect

Visit a friend, ring your mum, join a club, take up a new hobby, join a parent group or volunteer.


14. Get back to nature

Walk through the forest, along the beach, by the river, up a hill & down the other side.

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