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In your third trimester? Check out our 'Ultimate Pregnancy to-do List'

The ultimate pregnancy to-do list: Third trimester

  • Put finishing touches to baby’s room.
  • Discuss pain relief options and your birth plan with your midwife and birthing partner.
  • Book your TENS unit at www.tenshire.co.nz
  • Find your favourite (or buy new) comfy pyjamas.
  • Wash & prepare baby clothes, bedding & swaddles.
  • Pack hospital bag with: heat pad, drinks, snacks, maternity pads, breastpads, baby clothes, TENS unit, spare clothes & underwear, nipple cream, arnica, music, essential oils, toiletries.
  • Practice fitting and removing car seat.
  • Place midwife phone number next to phone.
  • Purchase nappies, wet wipes & wash cloths.
  • Prepare baby bath & supplies.
  • Assemble your baby gear (buggy, capsule, monitor)
  • Prepare a contact list of support
  • people (midwife, doula, specialist, baby-sitter for your other children, pet-minder).
  • Prepare for breastfeeding (purchase nursing bras, nipple cream, consider a breastfeeding course, read useful books & articles, watch videos, connect with La Leche League).
  • Stock the freezer with healthy meals.
  • Take care of yourself (eat whole foods, drink plenty of water, light exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, sleep well and rest).

RELAX. This can all seem super-overwhelming. So ask for support, or drop anything that feels optional. A baby really only needs somewhere to sleep, food, nappies, and lots of love. The rest you’ll figure out.

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