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Hayley NEARLY makes it to hospital to deliver her baby …but not quite!

Birth in car Labour TENS TENS TENS machine

Hayley shares with us her birth story....

At 5.30am I started having very mild contractions which felt just like period pain. I carried on with my normal day. At 4.10pm my waters broke with a huge gush and my midwife assured me ‘things would probably ramp up’ and that they did!!!

After 10 minutes I decided, ‘holey crap it’s quite painful now’ so I put on the tens machine to use. It instantly made the contractions more bearable while we scampered around grabbing everything I felt we NEEDED to go the hospital now. It was now 4.40pm.

The car drive felt like forever but as the contractions progressed I upped the intensity on the tens and it was like instant relief. I couldn’t believe it! I almost didn’t realise how strong the contractions were because of it but by 5pm my body was starting to push and we were still on our way!

By 5.20pm our little angel was born in the back seat of the car about 2 minutes from the hospital. She just couldn’t wait! Perfectly happy and healthy. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect labour! 

Thank you so much for hiring your machine to me! 

Hayley R.



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