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Can I use ANY type of TENS machine for my labour?

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The simple answer is NO. Not all TENS machines are created equal! Why do you need a TENS machine specifically designed for labour?
1. An Obstetric or Labour TENS has two settings. One setting will be at a lower level of intensity for when you're resting between contractions, and the other setting will be at a much higher intensity for when you are experiencing a contraction. The BOOST button on the side allows you to quickly move from one setting to the other.
2. With a Labour TENS you should receive 4 electrodes for application on your back. Other TENS machines often just have two electrodes. For labour, trust us, you'll need four!
3. Sometimes it's the little details that count. A Labour TENS such as Elle TENS is designed for you to comfortably hold the handheld control either in your hand, clipped to your waist band or using a lanyard we supply, around your neck. All these options allow you to be mobile while you're in labour.
Now is not the time to try and save money on a cheap or out of date, unsuitable or unreliable TENS machine. Now is one of the most important and significant times in your life when it matters that your pain relief is reliable, on-hand when you need it and is specifically designed for pain relief during labour.

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