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Burn Baby Burn - suffering from heartburn during pregnancy?

heartburn indigestion Pregnancy reflux

Aaarrggghh…. that burning sensation in your chest and throat when you’ve eaten the wrong thing during pregnancy. In fact, sometimes it seems everything you eat is giving you heartburn. Steering well clear of some foods can help.


  1. Fizzy drinks – bubbles expand your stomach creating more pressure.
  2. High-fat foods – avoid hot chips, pizza, takeaways, pastry, deep-fried foods
  3. Spicy foods – avoid curry, chilli, garlic, onions
  4. Tomatoes – avoid tomato soup, marinara sauces and fresh tomato
  5. Citrus fruit - oranges, mandarins have high acidity levels
  6. Mint – peppermint is an acid reflux trigger
  7. Chocolate – too much caffeine, fat and cocoa
  8. Late-night snacks - avoid eating anything two hours before you go to bed
  9. Large meals – rather than 3 big meals, try eating 6 small meals

Top tip if you’re suffering from heartburn:  Combine equal quantities of baking soda and water and drink.

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