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Toni (and baby Julia) share their birth story...

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I am super happy to share our birth story…..

The birth of little Julia went so much better than I could have possibly imagined. Being our first bub we weren't sure what to expect during birth and having heard our fair share of horror stories, I had become pretty nervous in my last weeks of pregnancy. I certainly didn't expect to birth at home and without any medication at all.

My first contraction was at about 2:30am, at least the first one to be strong enough to wake me up was. From then, I was having contractions every 40-30mins or so, but managing (somehow!) to fall asleep in between.

I got up around 5:30am and not much later my waters broke in a gradual trickle (not a massive gush like in the movies!). After that, the contractions quickly became stronger and closer together (about 10mins apart). I called my midwife, Bec, she would be with me within an hour. My husband, James, helped me get the TENS machine on and get it to an appropriate setting for how I was feeling.

By the time Bec arrived, my contractions were 3mins apart. I was kneeling on the lounge floor with my head on the seat of our couch. There was no way I was getting in the car, so after being on the fence about home birth vs birthing unit, the decision when the time came was a no brainer, I wasn't going anywhere!

I gave birth to our wee Julia at 1:49pm on her due date the 1st September, having not moved from my spot by the couch. Throughout labour, James took charge of the TENS machine. He increased the settings a few times and pushed the boost button for me with each contraction. Besides the TENS machine, some lower back massage by mum and some cold face cloths, these were all we needed to bring Julia into the world. I was so pleased to have not required any interventions or medications.

Although, this being our first baby, I am unable to compare birth while using a TENS machine to birth without it, I would definitely use the TENS machine again next time and would recommend it for all expectant mothers to include as part of their birth plan. I couldn't have hoped for a better birthing experience!




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