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Read Nicole's Birth Story

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I had used a TENS machine with my first birth and it was so good at managing my pain through labour. Particularly as by the time I got to the hospital there was no time for any alternative pain relief. 

I knew I would want the use of one with my second pregnancy and was glad to find natal care NZ services of hiring these out. When the machine arrived I was impressed how the technology had changed in 5 years and quickly told my husband it was his job to know how it works. I did not want to be thinking about it when labouring. 

My labour started at 1am (typical awkward time). Knowing I had the TENS machine I wanted to hold out for when contractions became more frequent and intense. I woke my husband at 2:30 and said things were a go (last labour was 5 hours so was thinking it would ramp up quickly and needed to get hooked up to the TENS machine asap). We started with just two pads on the lower back as I wanted to save some “juice” for when things got serious. I love how I can control the intensity and I did not dare go about 33% power until I was at the birthing unit. It really helped manage the initial stages of labour. 

When we got to St. George things had really heated up and I was now using the machine to 66% power. It really is a great distraction from the contractions. My husband was quite keen for me to try the booster mode but having not practised with the machine I was a little scared as even at 66% power it was pretty efficient. 

But baby (who turned out to be a kg heavier than my first) struggled to engage and so things lasted longer than my first and as a result were a little more painful then I remember. So it was time to hit that booster mode. And I never looked back. Had the TENS on until I birthed my baby boy and given the gas sometimes makes me a bit nauseous or can be a bit of a nuisance when trying to focus on pushing, the machine was great. Would (and have) recommended to all my mum to be friends. 

On 23 March, we welcomed baby Baxter. We are all smitten with our IVF miracle baby that has now completed our family. 

- Nicole


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