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Natasha shares her birth experience with TENS

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When considering my birth preferences, I wanted to have a natural labour without medical intervention, unless medically required. My midwife recommended TENS to me and I must admit I was sceptical at first, wondering if it would be worthwhile. I went on the Natal Care website and read the reviews from other families and decided to give it a go, given the minimal investment required. 

The machine arrived promptly with clear instructions and a seamless returns process. The instructions and reviews indicated the earlier the TENS is used, the better. So, when my waters broke, my partner promptly helped me attach the electrode pads and I started using the machine.

I started on a low pulse rate and increased this as my labour progressed. When a contraction came, I would use the boost button to help reduce discomfort and provide a distraction. After 11 hours of manageable labour, we went to the hospital and I was assessed and found to be 8-9cm dialated... much to everyone's amazement. I felt proud that I has managed to get this far by creating a relaxing environment at home in addition to using TENS.

As labour progressed, I continued to use the machine. During this time, I also made use of water therapy in the shower. We removed the TENS machine for this, but later reapplied it and was able to continue to benefit until the birth of my baby.

As things got more intense, I passed the machine to my partner who was able to use read my body language and adjust the machine on my behalf. In terms of other pain relief, I also made use of gas at the hospital.

As a first-time mum, my experience with TENS exceeded my expectations. I would thoroughly recommend TENS as a natural means of managing labour pain.

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