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Do we need a humidifier?

Blissful Bedtime Humidifier Colds and Flu Humidifier

We asked mum of 3, Alana Davies, what she thought of her humidifier and here's what she had to say...

"We’ve been using a humidifier for around six months and I often wonder why we didn’t invest in one sooner. This winter has been a massive struggle, what with covid making it's way through our family and then a nasty cold/flu which we all managed to catch off each other. Our humidifier has been a life-saver. It made it's way from bedroom to bedroom depending on who needed it the most. When we were completely blocked up, we added a drop of eucalyptus oil which helped with breathing and when our throats were dry and sore, the moisture helped too. At the end of the flu we all had a nagging cough which took ages to go away and again the humidifier helped reduce the coughing.

Then there’s the longue area where we run our heat pump, which pumps out dry air. Apparently dry air is not great for us. Apart from the fact it dries out your skin, hair and nails, it also creates a nasty breeding ground for cold and flu bugs which is the last thing we want more of!

I'd totally recommend a humidifier for every family. In the summer we'll be using it to relieve my son's hayfever."

10 benefits of using a Humidifier

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