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Jess shares her experience with TENS & NatalCare Naturally

I wanted to share my experience of the TENS machine and my birth story with you.

The order process, goodie bag, communication about the order being slightly delayed and the delivery and return process were all excellent. The instructions were easy to follow and we did a trial run on my husband’s forearm a few weeks before I was due. I especially loved the pregnancy diary/journal enclosed in the parcel and the positive birth affirmations in it - these were also excellent in my labour and birth!

When my latent phase of labour started I put the machine on and used the Boost function during surges. This latent phase lasted for 36 hours with surges every 5-15 minutes and the TENS machine was excellent at building the endorphins and helping me breathe through the surges. Active labour lasted about 10 hours for me and as the intensity built I used a higher intensity setting which was excellent and helping me stay at home as long as possible. I only removed the TENS machine for showers which began to stop helping with the pain and intensity in this active phase. I arrived at the hospital 9cm dilated and my waters burst half an hour later - my husband and I cried with relief that we had come so far at home ourselves without requiring medication. We only added in gas once we arrived at the hospital. After 90 minutes of pushing with the TENS machine on our beautiful surprise (a girl) arrived. I kept it on throughout my stitches being done which along with the gas helped removed the sting from these.

I would 100% use a TENS machine again for subsequent births and would recommend it to anyone. I believe it helped me have the natural birth I dreamed of.

Thanks again for the great customer service! The courier should be collecting the parcel today!

Kind regards,



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