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"I can hands down say that it was a tens machine that got me through it all"

During birth, there's only one thing that's certain...there'll be some unexpected excitement! Everyone's birth story is different and we love hearing them all. Ruth was lovely enough to share her own adventure...

Just after 2 in the morning my waters broke after no previous inklings. Shortly after that I went into labour, my husband was asleep and I didn't want to wake him so I had a go at putting the tens machine on myself I did a pretty good job, but it was great when my husband woke up and helped reposition it.

After a couple of hours it was 5am and we gave the Midwife a call,  and as everything was tracking along smoothly it was decided should come and see me after her first appointment in the morning... which would mean she was at ours around 9am...  at this point I had not realised how far along in my labour I was and by 5:30 we called her back saying we needed her to come now. By 6 a.m. she was with us and did an examination to find that I was not only fully dilated but also my baby was unexpectedly breech.

The tens machine and my labour up until now had been amazing, I was able to go up the levels as my pain required and I was able to have control over something where the rest of my body I did not have control over. I ended up needing  an ambulance transfer to the hospital and when I got there I was met by a team of about 10 people ready to bring my little boy into the world. I was very lucky that I was able to give birth vaginally and by chance the only pain relief I used was the tens machine.

 After just less than an hour of pushing my son was born and I can hands down say that it was a tens machine that got me through it all... I think I ended up at level 13.

I cannot recommend the use of the tens machine enough, I'll definitely be hiring it again.

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