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Viva La Vulva

Viva La Vulva Breasties Hot + Cold Packs

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Hot and cold therapy packs!


Breastfeeding can suck the life out of you, literally. If you are finding it hard, hang in there mama, you’re not alone. It’s a wild ride, and just when you think you might be getting the hang of it, BAM! engorgement, BAM! mastitis. If you’re one of the lucky ones and avoid those, no doubt your breasts might hurt in between feeds anyway.

Viva La Vulva Breasties have been specifically designed to fit the contour of your breasts, sit comfortably in your bra, and even fit around your breast pump. Cold therapy is a safe and natural way to help relieve engorgement, soothe pain and reduce swelling. Heat therapy can help relieve mastitis, help unblock ducts, encourage milk flow and let down. When you’re all touched out, and feel like a feeding machine, grab your Breasties - they’re there for you.

Suitable for:

  • Soothing engorgement
  • Relieving mastitis
  • Reducing swelling and pain
  • Stimulating milk flow

 Product includes:

2 reuseable gel bead packs 

Hot Mama Tip

Use our all-natural balm in between feeding to help with dry, cracked nipples.

SHIPPING NOTE: If you purchase this product at the same time as booking a TENS machine, your product will be shipped (for FREE) with your TENS. If you prefer to receive this item straight away, please place a separate order from your booking.

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