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MOOSE Baby-Head-Shape Support

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Reduce the pressure on your baby's head | Reduce the risk of Flat Head Syndrome

Back is Best

Research is clear that on the back is the best way for your baby to sleep. It is twice as safe as the side and six times safer than the front.  Sleeping your baby on the back is one of the best ways to protect your baby from sudden infant death syndrome.

Some babies develop misshapen, flat or an uneven head shape from too much time spent lying on one part of the head. This is called ‘positional head-flattening’ or medically the term is Plagiocephaly (play-gee-oh-kef-a-lee).

During the first few months the bones of your baby’s skull are quite soft. Pressure from lying on the same spot, can make the head change shape. In our busy lifestyle we often have baby lying flat against a surface.

Although there is no evidence that head flattening causes harm, most parents would like to prevent it.

Your newborn will generally stay in the position they are placed for sleep, until they can move themselves.  You need to alternate your baby’s head position when they sleep. However some babies prefer a certain head position.

Your baby may be born with a slight flat spot due to the delivery. This can make their head rest more easily on that spot. Or they may have a favourite head position and so a flat area develops from habit. This is where the BABY HEAD SHAPE SUPPORT comes in handy.

The curved design of the BABY HEAD SHAPE SUPPORT gently supports your baby’s head and eases the pressure on the back of the head. The support still allows your baby natural movement without restriction or discomfort.


  • The BABY HEAD SHAPE SUPPORT is made from memory foam with a soft cotton cover for breathability.
  • It can be used in a variety of circumstances when baby is lying flat in the cot, on the floor or in the stroller.
  • Due to the ergonomically designed shape of the BABY HEAD SHAPE SUPPORT it allows your baby to move naturally without any restriction.
  • The Baby Head Shape Support is suitable for new-borns to 4 months of age or until your baby has begun to roll.
  • The BABY HEAD SHAPE SUPPORT is not a regular pillow and does not lift your baby’s head. Instead, it provides gentle cradling to reduce pressure on the skull.
  • White cotton cover included.


What is Plagiocephaly – misshapen head or flat head syndrome?

It is quite common for a newborn baby to have an unusually shaped head. This can be either related to their position in the uterus during pregnancy, or caused by moulding (changing shape) during labour, including changes caused by instruments used during delivery.

Flat Head Syndrome occurs because the bones of a newborn baby's head are thin and flexible, so the head is soft and may change shape easily. Flattening of the head in one area may happen if a baby lies with their head in the same position for a long time.


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