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    TENS... 6 weeks hire for $59.99

    FREE overnight express shipping | FREE Goodie Bag for pregnant mums - receive one with each TENS Hire | Large size electrodes, instructions, batteries & prepaid return bag included
    BOOK NOW | 6 weeks hire | Only $59.99


"AMAZING! I could not have coped without the TENS. I recommend it to all my pregnant friends."

- Frida K from Gelndowie - May 2021

"As a first time mum I was able to use TENS at home labouring for 12 hours. I reached the hospital 9cm dilated! Very happy to have been able to stay so comfortable at home for so long."

- Brooke B from Auckland, May 2021

"This was the only method of pain relief I used during the early stages of an induced labour. Without it I wouldn't have managed my breathing or pain as well as I did."    

- Emily H from Oamaru, May 20201